Mayor May Not be a Giraffe!

Avin a Giraffe!

Avin a Giraffe!

A town’s mayoral candidate has been forced to defend himself against allegations by his political opponents that he is in fact a giraffe. Eventoed Ruminant, 47, a Conservative Councillor for the Woxne district of Rumbleford in the West Midlands, was previously considered a frontrunner in the town’s municipal elections but he was forced on the defensive yesterday following claims by his Labour opponent, Redflag Humperdink, that he is ineligible to stand due to his status as an ungulate mammal. At a press conference called yesterday Mr Ruminant said; “I understand there has been some confusion which has led to a deliberate smear campaign by my mayoral opponent which, from what I can see, originated from rumours concerning my father, Okapi Ruminant and his position at a zoo in Colchester in the 1950s. Whilst it is indeed true that my father was employed at the zoo between 1953 and 1960 I can assure voters that this was very much in his capacity as a zookeeper and not, as some have suggested, as one of the attractions.â€

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