Meet the Orca that is standing by SeaWorld amidst Blackfish controversy

blackfishEverywhere you turn, people are attacking the SeaWorld theme parks for being animal-hating overlords in the cruel game of dolphin trafficking. The film Blackfish has exposed SeaWorld’s passionate hatred for the ocean and everything residing in it. But does everyone share this point of view?

A killer whale called Leti begs to differ!

“I think the film distorts a lot of the facts” claims Leti, an Orca at SeaWorld San Diego. “The living quarters at SeaWorld are equivalent to a studio apartment in Tokyo. Also, some Orcas enjoy daily beatings with spiked bats, and I include myself in that group.”

Her views have caused Leti serious backlash within the Orca community. Insults from other whales have flooded in via Twitter calling her a traitor to her species, but Leti does not let such criticisms disrupt her relatively peaceful life inside Uncle Tom’s Oceanic Preservation Facility.

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