Melania Trump in ‘Macron Bedspread’ Scandal

Duvet Duvet Couche Avec Moi?

First lady Melania Trump went from the White House to the dog house today after it emerged she had had a bedspread made using an image of French President Emmanuel Macron’s face.

The duvet was found face-down on her bunk in Air Force one where she sleeps to escape her errant husband’s oral flatulence.

Defending the item she says that Mrs Macron gave it to her as a present to help her sleep as apparently his face sends the French President’s wife off to the land of nod in seconds.

Mr Trump was said to be not amused and had the offending object destroyed using his special CIA laser watch. The fate of the duvet is yet to be determined.

Buboom-tish. That last bit was a joke, did you see what we did there?

Now fuck off!



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