Michael Buble and Justin Bieber name Love Child: Bible!

Michael Buble

Married couple Michael Buble and Justin Bieber are today the proud parents of a son who’s name will be ‘Bible’ an amalgamation of his parent’s surnames.

Any connection with a famous book about the adventures of God is said to be purely coincidental.

Bible was conceived using dandruff, skin grafts and Simon Cowell’s anti-aging clinic behemoth robot ‘Zionblaster’ which he keeps in his cellar next to the racks and racks of vintage Liebfraumilch and Black Tower.

Bible is only four days old but can already play the piano, sing My Way and has more Twitter followers than the Hari Krishna Movement.

He is expected to be appearing in Vegas next month and is rumored to be dating Naomi Campbell.

Bible Saccharine Buble-Bieber (to quote his full name) is believed to be the first genetically engineered super-celebrity (using the modern definition of the word) and as such will doubtless be boring anyone over the age of 9 to tears with soulless ballads and diluted covers of once-great songs before you can say the word nepotism!

Using his right foot and some green paint he is believed to have signed a merchandising deal worth roughly the same amount of money it would take to end world poverty, sort out the Eurozone crisis and re-program Zionblaster to eat its owner!


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