Milliband Subliminally Appeals to Child Voters

The Labour party maybe more forward thinking than they have been given credit for. Spindoctors pulling the strings in the distant control rooms of socialism have found a way to communicate with pre-school children and nurture their votes from a very young age. By careful breeding they created Ed Milliband and promoted him to the post of Labour Leader. It is no accident that the man facing David Cameron across the dispatch box is a dead ringer for children’s favorite; Shaun the Sheep (see photo). Only time will tell if this gamble will pay off but it’s definitely a new approach. Not to be out done, other parties have clearly taken note. Already the Government are taking action. Rumour has it that a portly minor civil servant who bears a passing resemblance to a Teletubbie is rising up the party ranks at an accelerated rate. North of the border, the Scottish National Party have just elected Jimmy Crankie as culture secretary and in the United States the Republican Party has begun a national search for a small boy with a yellow spiky head!

Shaun and Ed

shaun and milliband

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