MoD Lend James Murdoch Decommissioned Aircraft Carrier

James Murdoch Aircraft Carrier

James Murdoch today quit as CEO of News International after the Ministry of Defence revealed they leant Mr. Murdoch the recently decommissioned HMS Ark Royal for a stag do.

In the same week that Scotland Yard leaked information regarding the lending of a retired police horse to Rebekah Brooks, the MoD claimed that the keys to Arch Royal were given to Mr. Murdoch in exchange for a rousing ‘Support our Troops’ pullout special being publish in The Sun.
The MoD, who have also been under scrutiny in the Leveson Enquiry for selling information to the News of the World, said in a statement “We did slightly drop the ball with this one, but I can categorically deny any special relationship between us and News International. We merely used Mr. Murdoch’s newspaper to help with morale. In return, he was looking for a large venue in which to host his mate Barry’s stag do and the Arch Royal was just sitting there doing nothing.  was nothing untoward about it, and I can promise you that Mr. Murdoch knows absolutely nothing about secret infighting, back-stabbing and troop shortages within the MoD.

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