Monopoly Money to be Accepted as Legal Tender

The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave details today of alternative plans to stimulate the UK economy.

Quantitative easing has been used on a number of occasions to inject cash into Britain and stimulate fiscal activity, to limited effect.

George Osbourne today said that the government was now having to examine more radical methods to achieve economic growth and has therefore stated that Monopoly money will now be accepted as legal tender in the period up until Christmas.

The government countered opposition claims of madness by evidencing an immediate increase in consumer activity, as sales of the popular board game rocketed, despite its retail price doubling overnight.

David Cameron stated that ‘this is a temporary measure, designed to give a boost to honest, hard working British families – especially those that love playing Monopoly’.

Ed Miliband said the government had gone insane and that it would lead to rampant inflation.

However, Osbourne responded by saying ‘This move has been carefully thought through, and there are no current plans for chocolate coins, Tesco club card points or Green Shield stamps to be considered as valid methods of payment for goods as well.’

The move was cautiously accepted by the British Retail Consortium: their spokesman, Ivor Bigwallet said ‘quite frankly, at this moment in time, we’re grateful for any half-baked ideas the government comes up with, so that we can get the tills ringing over the festive period’.

The government dismissed rumours that there were also plans to accept library tickets, supermarket loyalty and kidney donor cards as valid alternatives to Visa and Barclaycard  for a limited period next month.


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