Montenegran Poodle-God Effigy found by Inebriated Nuns!

Wangabong, the poodle God of Montenegro could be much older than had previously been suspected, if a bronze effigy found in cave near the country’s border turns out to be authentic. Three nuns who strayed off a guided tour of Montenegrin caves stumbled upon the twelve foot effigy believed to have lain undiscovered for nearly two thousand years.  ‘We’d had two bottles of unconsecrated altar wine and you know how battered that stuff gets ya!’ said sister Fiona after finding the statue. However, after alerting authorities the find has been verified as genuine. Wangabong, long reviered by the people of Montenegro as the poodle which blessed them with sacred gift of curly hair, was believed to have been introduced around the 9th century by the Monk named Protuberant.  This discovery sheds new light on the deity and will force the history books to be re-written which is expected to take ages as they’ll have to be found first.

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