More Fatalities Caused by Easy Listening Station

Easy Listening

A bricklaying gang fell from a three story scaffold to their death today.

Steve ‘Bosher’ Wilkins, his fellow bricklayer Morris Plunkett and labourer Johnny Fretwell, were all found dead on Monday morning, headfirst inside a skip, on a run-down Leeds council estate. Take your pick.

A post mortem was carried out on the three unfortunate tradesmen, putting an end to speculation on possible health and safety issues, before the tragedy. The scaffold company ‘Monkey Trapeze’ stand by their reputation for good workmanship.

Phil Lucky from Gateshead, a time-served scaffold specialist, commented via an interpreter and provided a defence.

“Yer canna bleim uzz forrit, mun, I wuz inna forkin boozar atta tim, leek!

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