Motherboard activists call for Lady Gaga boycott

“That’s my sister, Anita. Right there.”

A distraught Hewlett-Packard motherboard points to a portion of the chair and begins sobbing uncontrollably. It is the image of a nude Lady Gaga, sat atop a loveseat composed entirely of internal computer hardware.

By motherboard rights activists, it has been dubbed “The Holocaust Throne.”

“She is an inhumane monster,” claims XP-4178.1, founder of Motherboards Against Disrespecting Disc-space (MADDs). “For us, it’d be like her posing on a mountain of human corpses. No one thinks about the consequences of their actions. Also, she really isn’t hot enough to be trouncing around naked, in my opinion.”

The opposition doesn’t appear to be phasing Mrs. Gaga; she faced significant backlash from the Meat-bearing Animals of North America (MANA) over her provocative red carpet outfit made entirely from lamb slices. That blew over in no time. Then some dude played the tuba on her single and everyone was like “wow, she’s such an innovator!” Then he died.

She also came under scrutiny for improper horse usage. No one seemed to mind there either.

In her only comment regarding the proposed boycott, Lady Gaga came off somewhat defiant: “I’ll put a bunch of laptops in a blender and use them as a smoothie enema. Lick my questionable genitalia, computers.”

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