Movember is nearly over – It’s time for Vaginauary!

VajinauaryTwat Topiary

Men across the globe have been sporting facial hair to make them look like school caretakers, failed rock stars and paedophiles for the last few weeks, all in the name of charity.

Their wives hate them, people stare and snigger, a moustache is a social burden but we do it for testicles in need, prostates in pain and other hideous sub-waistline ailments.

It’s time for the ladies to step up to the challenge!

Come on girls, get the Babyliss  out and lets see some helpful hedges, some giving growlers some twat topiary to raise money and awareness for women’s nether complaints!

You’ve got a month or so to think about what design you’d like to work on and then it’s time to let the fun begin!

The rules are the same…you must be clean shaven on day 1 of January 2014 and you have 31 days to grow the most amazing vaginal artwork you can.

You will be required to upload daily photos to show your progress (Twat-Tweets) on social networking sites in order to raise money (and more besides).

But think how worthy you’ll feel, how such a simple thing can save lives…

So come on girls, this january, clip your clits, trim your quims and save as you shave!

Bring on Vaginauary!

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