Napoleon Statue for Fourth Plinth!

Plans by controversial artist ‘Dead Joseph’ to place a statue of ; Napoleon Bonaparte, on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square have been met with anger by naval veterans! But ultimately, according to the artist, this is the purpose of public art.

“If it doesn’t make people angry, if it doesn’t insult them, then it’s just something nice to look at. Art must be provocative! Rottweilers are art. Syphilis is art. War is art! Sarcasm is like sketching a pair of breasts!” He said.

Dead Joseph is already in hot water after sticking a vast Hitler Moustache upon the Statue of Liberty, hanging a string of giant plastic onions from the Eiffel Tower, and attempting to land an eighty foot long inflatable vagina on top of famous London landmark “The Gherkin” using a stolen helicopter!

The future of the plinth is still undecided.