Neandertals Were Just as Pathetic as Us!

Do you ever wonder how you survived without the Internet, or a credit card? How did you leave your desk without your blackberry or meet up with your mates without the aid of satellite navigation and a mobile phone? Well, according to a group of archaeologists, this is nothing new. Paintings discovered in a cave in Northern France appear to show groups of neanderthals arguing about fire. One group of older men seem to be turning their back and walking away from the fire, another group of younger looking warriors are sat cross armed around the fire and appear to have their tongues poking out.

“The conversation would have been something like this …” Says Beard Mcnobird, head of the team. “The elders would be saying: Oi, lets go hunting! And the young men would be saying: No! I ‘m not going anywhere without my fire, I can’t function without it. Or something along those lines.”

Sound familiar?

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