Negative Publicity is Pants

Maverick underpants company “Virus Spam” have run into difficulties with their email campaign, owing to problems arising from the company name. Head of marketing;  Stan Mullet seemed perplexed by the situation. “I just don’t understand it. Surely people don’t think it’s junk mail do they? ” he said. Unfortunately for Stan, the email doesn’t even reach most in-boxes due to the name. The Haddock decided to look into Mr Mullet’s past employment history and found that he had masterminded a number of quite astonishingly misguided marketing campaigns in the past including ‘Flatufresh’ a de-odorising patch which is fitted to the buttocks. The product was given the slogan “Blow it out your ass to make her smile!” needless to say it was a PR disaster. It was also Stan who gave us “Rickets!” the Ricky Martin snack bars.

In order to try and save the campaign, Virus Spam underpants are ceasing all electronic communications as of today, preferring to use paper posters and snail mail instead. When asked why not simply change the name to something less damaging the CEO had this to say. “It’s too late, I’ve thrown everything into this crap, my wife has left me, the house has a triple mortgage,  if we pull out now we’re finished.” Now that’s what we call motivational speaker! It just goes to show that there is such a thing as negative publicity after all.

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