Nelson Mandela memorial Sign Language interpreter didn’t know Sign Language; was actually just “an overly animated Italian man”

At least he got the Dr. Evil sign right...

At least he got the Dr. Evil sign right…

The sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service did not actually know sign language. This is because an Italian man with a flare for dramatic hand gesturing was given the job in the first place.

“We wanted to really capture the heart of the messages being presented at the event, the actual words being secondary,” claims one of the event’s organizers. “Italians are known to speak with their hands, so the choice was actually rather simple.”

The Italian man’s gestures ranged from blowing kisses to little bunny foo foo. At one point he nearly broke into the chicken dance, and another time he began voguing. How great is it that BuzzFeed has a history of vogiung article? Thanks, internet.

For more on this Italophilia, click here.

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