New Look BBC Website Entered for Turner Prize

new look bbc website

The bizarre collection of shapes and text which seems to have invaded the BBC homepage has been entered into the Turner prize, the ultimate accolade for shit art.

The page entitled ‘Attempt’ will soon end its short life when the constant bombardment of complaints cut through the corporation’s wall of pride and reach the ‘press this button if the public start hating us’ department.

All this controversy of course is just fuel to the fire when it comes to the Turner Prize, the more a piece incenses the public the better.

The turner prize measures the quality of their entrants work by the amount of insults they receive using the theory that bad reviews equals good art.

The BBC website, once a useful and popular place for thousands of internet users to find out their daily news and read intelligent editorial compiled by excellent journalists, now resembles a half finished Sudoku puzzle.

The Turner Prize panel are said to be worried that common sense may prevail and the website will be returned to a usable platform before judging commences which they believe would be a great shame.


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