New Van Gogh Painting Discovered entitled; My Ear and Some Daisies!

The art world is buzzing after the discovery of a new and hitherto unseen painting by troubled Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh.

The Piece entitled ‘My Ear and Some Daisies’ is believed to have been painted the same night as he cut off his own ear in a fit of pique.

It clearly shows the severed ear lying at the base of a vase containing giant daisies.

“See the dominance of cool colour, the definition with line … the passion, the movement the joy the pain … the man was a bloody lunatic genius, oh why couldn’t I have been his love bitch!” Gushed Henirich Von Kluut, art critic and all round Van Gogh expert. “And his poor ear lying there … I want to eat it … it looks so real!”

But others are not so sure.

“This is a poor example of his work … perhaps if he hadn’t cut his ear off he’d of been able to listen to criticism!” Spat Vernon Dench from ADAMAANT (All Dutch Artists are Mad And Not Talented).

But then he would wouldn’t he?

It’s expected to go to auction next month. Some fat bloke from Monaco has already offered four yachts, a 747 and parts of Greece in exchange for the picture.

The boats and the plane have been accepted as a deposit.

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