New York subway shark is the Kitty Genovese of our time

In 1964, a deranged fuck-knuckle killed a lady in plain view of 38 people and no one was particularly bothered by it. Since the 60s, we’ve evolved greatly; human murders are now much more private events, and on the whole, killing is more strongly frowned upon by the public.

Killers will be killers though. They too have evolved.

The murder of the Subway Shark! No sandwiches involved!

The woman murdered in 1964 was named Kitty Genovese, and is why the lifeless shark in a New York City subway car has been nicknamed “Kitty” in lieu of official identification.

Witnesses say that the full car of approximately 98 people looked on as a woman in mirrored sunglasses strangled the shark to death, then left it’s lifeless corpse on the floor.

“It’s disgusting what people will do to other living things,” said a man who hadn’t witnessed the crime. He then continued to eat a barbeque chicken sandwich, wiping his mouth on his mink fur coat.

Until all innocent beings are free from public execution, none are free. I don’t really care much about civil rights because most people suck dick, but this for some reason is an issue I feel particularly strongly about.

Just another day in New York. For more on this murder, click here.

Bernard Floater

Bernard Floater

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