Nivea say Nivea Again

Cedric Blenkinsop, Chief Executive of Nivea, the cosmetics company, today denied that he was running a military dictatorship and exploiting his staff in order to maximise profits. He refuted these claims laid at his door by Wolfie Smith, leader of the I Dont Like Colonel Gaddafi Very Much campaign.

He continued, “this stupid organisation has confused the word Libya for Nivea and commenced a mis-guided campaign against our company.  Smith responded to this by saying ‘these are the words of a military dictator grasping at the last straws of power, under a brutal regime’ and we call for a boycott of Nivea hand cream across the whole of the United Kingdom, indeed across the world.

Smith went on to explain that his organisation was also boycotting the latest auto-biography of Katie Price over non-democratic actions in Jordan and other Middle East states.

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