No 10. Cat is Taking the Puss!

Taking The Puss

Taking The Puss


Two days into the job and Larry the Downing Street Cat is already being asked to defend himself – against claims he fiddled his expenses! The newly appointed Ratter, 4, allegedly claimed extra helpings of milk by putting down for a second home behind the bins of a Wandsworth takeaway when he actually lived at the Battersea Dogs and Cats homes some three miles away. In another shock development a list of receipts obtained by The Haddock shows Prime Minister David Cameron’s new feline favourite claimed for six balls of wool, eight tins of Whiskers and a little
red collar with a bell around it
– all at the expense of the taxpayer. Larry’s personal integrity has also been called into question after CCTV footage shot outside an off-licence last year shows the cat torturing a bird after a night out on the town with his mates. Opposition animals have been quick to pounce (geddit?) with David Blunkett’s guide-dog wagging his tail in a friendly manner and bringing a squeaky hedgehog in his mouth for us to throw for him. When asked to comment on the allegations yesterday, Larry shot our reporter a look of contempt and went back to licking his foot.

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