North Korea puts Bike into Orbit!

ISS sees Pedal powered North Korean Satellite

The ISS does not lie

“It was like a sort of steel egg with a window at the front!” These were the words of an astronaut from the ISS yesterday morning as the object crawled past them. “The window was steamed up but I could just make out a small Korean guy who seemed to be peddling like his life depended upon it!”

This seems to prove the story put out by North Korean TV that they have, in fact, fired an object into outer space.

We spoke to various specialists to try and gauge opinion about what the purpose of this satellite might actually be and whether or not it constitutes some sort of threat.

“Threat? Bwaahaaha…haaa…haaa….” Said Mike Zander, a defence analyst from Langley Virginia. “Bwaahhaaa….tee hee…chuckle…snigger snigger…cough…could I have a glass of water please?” He went on to explain.

“We think it might bee some sort of orbiter!” said Brian Chichester from the Greenwich observatory. “On account of the fact it appears to be going around the planet in a circular motion!”

It’s easy to laugh at this technology but let us not forget that this is the first ever bicycle in space, that is one small pedal for man, one giant revolution for mankind!

All the main players are watching the object ‘dubbed the Satabike’ with interest to see what it does next and there are unconfirmed reports that it may have bomb doors on its underside.

North Korea are giving nothing away and the next 48 hours could prove crucial.

As yet there are no plans to shoot down the Satabike.

A second rocket is believed to be primed and ready to go from North Korea in the next day or two and Haddock spies report that, among other things, a chain, some inner tubes, a pump and some Lycra shorts are part of the payload!






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