North Korean Rocket Joins Petrol Queue in Fife

North Korean MissileA very long pointy car seen queuing for petrol during last week’s fuel panic has been identified as a North Korean long range rocket.

The rocket, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the one which failed to launch yesterday, was turned away from the Tesco petrol station in Fife after the car in front took the last of their diesel.

Despite the fact that the North Korean government have denied reports that this was the reason for the unsuccessful launch attempt, experts from Nasa have confirmed that rockets cannot fly without fuel for complex and scientific reasons.

Ironically the lack of petrol only adds fuel to the fire which has blown up around the controversial project.

Rumors abound that the missile’s engine was in fact a box of old mobile phones and a partially dismantled 2-stroke lawnmower which once belonged to General Eisenhower.

Reports that a group of rather muscular goats were filmed being led into the rocket have yet to be verified.

Residents of Fife have awoken to the news that North Koreans not only entered their town with a huge missile but also managed to do so undetected.

Had it not been for CCTV footage we may never of known.

Police are asking members of the public to be more vigilant in light of this event, they are also encouraging the citizens of Fife not to drink so much.


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