NUDE NIGHT! Revamped Newsnight to have Young Attractive Naked Presenters!


Naked news night presenters

Buff Guys like these two will be interviewed for the News Night Team

In an attempt to re-engage its disillusioned audience the BBC’s flagship news program is to undergo a complete overhaul.

Just in case the stories are completely baseless the BBC has cautiously renamed it’s flagship news program ‘Nude Night’.

In this way they hope to invite the public to make their own minds up if the information imparted is true fact or baseless hyperbole.

Other suggestions were ‘Night Night’ or ‘News Shite’ but it was felt by the board that these were a little too self depreciating for Aunty Beeb.

But, perhaps the most radical departure from the old format will be the young attractive naked presenters.

The new team has yet to be announced but the female anchor is said to have ‘Really big tits and come-to-bed eyes’ and her male counterpart is ‘Seriously buff with a jolly big penis’.

It is largely irrelevant weather or not these people are skilled journalists or not as nobody is going to trust a bloody word they say anyway.

One thing is for certain, there will be a lot less news about politics and child abuse and a great deal more emphasis on cheap nob-gags and marital aids.

Some say it’s sexist, some say it’s just sex, some even say it’s only nudity… either way, Aunty Beeb has saved herself by getting her kit off!

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