Oasis change their name to ‘Arab Spring’

In a bid to remain current and get into trouble Rock band Oasis have changed their name to Arab Spring. One would think that naming themselves after the biggest revolution in the Middle East since Mark Anthony strode into Alexandria wearing little more than an onyx cock-ring and an asp-skin breastplate, would be a pretty smart move for the band.

Imagine our disappointment at the press conference when Liam Gallagher stared blankly into the audience seemingly unaware of the connection.

“It’s just anover name for an Oasis you d*ck” he seemed to say, although as usual The Haddock roving team were not invited so we had to enter the conference dressed in burkas which makes it almost impossible to see what’s going on.

Well, at least he didn’t think it was a Moroccan shock-absorber.