Obama Lip Synched his entire First term in Office

The Inuaguration speech was just the tip of the iceberg for lip-synching Obama

Not a single word uttered by Barack Obama during his presidency thus far has been done using his own voice according to a White House source.

“We can’t have him shooting his mouth off, he swears every other word and insists on having a backing track when doing speeches!” said our source.

Sounds like the thoughts of a Right-Wing, bigoted racist bastard!

That’s how we know he was a genuine source!

The voice actually belongs to James Earl Jones, formerly the voice of Darth Vader and it has a deep and authoritative tone.

It seems that the risks are too great to allow the head of the world’s most powerful country to speak freely because, much to the annoyance of the FBI, he is human!

In fact, when our reporter joked that it might be better to replace him with a robot, the source became a little unsettled and terminated the interview.

Political Media analyst Ron Wiesner explained the situation.

“Look how much TV coverage he gets. He’s on prime-time television with millions of viewers, we can’t have him ad libbing! The Simpsons is a prime-time show and they’ve got a huge bank of writers working on every word and even they are finding it hard to keep the show funny! No the president is not a man he is an organisation and what he says must not be in his own control!”

So there you have it folks…Obama is baiscally a loud speaker shaped like a black guy!

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