Online Disclaimer Replaces Marriage

Just one click and you’re hitched!

You can now get married online after clicking on the terms of service agreement which is three times as long as Macbeth!

The disclaimer which covers everything from humping your mother-in-law’s dog (or even your mother-in-law herself) is believed to be the most comprehensive legal disclaimer for marriage ever created.

However, despite its size, anyone planning to get hitched this way is advised to read the document first as it might get them in a ton of shit if they don’t.

For example, clause 47 page 10 item 6 states that ‘wanking on the curtains constitutes grounds for divorce in Fiji!’ Okay, that still leaves a lot of countries in which to wank on the curtains, but there is still a danger there!

The document, soon to be made available globally, will be valid in any country but cannot be used as a method by which to claim citizenship…except on Ice bergs or large crops of sea-weed in the Pacific Ocean.

Opponents to this ‘new’ marriage say that not only does it take a lot of the romance out of the marriage ceremony, it also cheapens the whole thing and makes it too easy to make such a lasting commitment.

With this in mind a similar document allowing you divorce within five minutes of clicking on the marriage disclaimer has also been created.