Ordnance Gourmet

Gordon Ramsay is the latest famous face to go on show at the world famous Madame Tussaud’  waxworks in London. As the public queued to see the new arrival, retired cartographer Reginald Blenkinsop mistook Ramsay’  face for a relief map of the Himalayas.

Blenkinsop  explained “Having spent a lot of time in South Asia, I found the deep crevices in Ramsay’  forehead identical to the Karakoram mountain system near Everest while the undulating skin on the area around his chin is charismatic of the foothills of the Pamir Knot region. 

Blenkinsop also stated that the pudgy nose of the famous restaurateur is apparently very similar to some of the fertility symbols used by the ancient Tibetan Kinnar tribe.

The retired cartographer went on to say “For a moment, I was transported back to my map making days in  far-flung lands. Can I go now, as I have to catch the last train to Nether Poppleton and I want to call in to Planet Hollywood for an Extreme Burger Feast first?”