Organised Bag Lady ‘ring’ blamed for Pacific plastic problem

You evil old cow!

Millicent Frottage

‘Fuck you! You bastards’ said Millicent Frottage, a septuagenarian bag lady from Bedfordshire. This is the only thing she’s said since her arrest earlier this week and she’s said it to all sorts of people, including a bishop.

‘You evil old cow’ said police chief Bently Tibbert in response to her.

This unpleasant exchange arose from a series of arrests under the name ‘operation bucket’ which took place on Thursday morning.

The police claim that Mrs Frottage, widowed these past 20 years, has maliciously and with no concern for the safety of the planet, or turtles and in collusion with an army of similarly vindictive old bats; collected plastic bags in shopping trolleys and dumped them into the pacific ocean.

A labour of love

When asked why she and her crew of bag hags undertook this heinous act she responded with four words ‘FUCK YOU! YOU BASTARDS!’

Well, anyway there you have it, it’s just a bunch of evil old ladies with some sort of vendetta against fish. So stop worrying about it…that’s all it is.



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