Outrage at aesthetically pleasing Turner Prize entry

An artist planning to enter his painting entitled ‘My dog’ which features a picture of his dog with a begonia behind its ear has been warned away from the attempt. Although not actually written in the guidelines, it is generally accepted that any item that ‘might look nice hanging over the fireplace’ is not considered in the spirit of the competition. Bentley Mcdermott, who’s own entry ‘Stool’ is currently under consideration reiterated this in a recent interview.  ‘No … art mustn’t look nice, that’s just silly!’ he said. ‘It really isn’t fair allowing people who know how to draw and paint nicely to enter art prizes. That is prejudiced to the growing community of non-drawing artists who can barely scribble down a stick-figure let alone paint something. We’re artists too and our work should taken into account despite the fact we can’t draw for toffee!’ Mr Mcdermott has created a three legged stool from his own faeces and is expected to make the shortlist.

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