Panic Buying at UK Off-licenses!


There were scenes of mayhem at supermarkets and corner shops today as thousands of people queued for alcohol after the Government announced a minimum price per unit last week.

Supermarket chain Tesco reported tonight that they had almost run out, but urged the public to remain calm. “We have deliveries on their way. Please do not panic buy. We need to make sure everyone has enough. “ Said a spokesman.
Later in the day huge queues began to form outside post offices as letter enthusiasts bought first class stamps in bulk before the Royal Mail puts up the price to 60p.

A spokeswoman for the Royal mail said earlier this evening “I understand that this is the biggest price hike in 40 years, but it’s still a bargain! 60p to get a piece of paper sent anywhere? It’s brilliant! Please stop panic buying. Your saving yourselves maybe £3 whilst you lose £100 by not being at work!

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