Pants-Chester United

Hot-headed football manager Alex Ferguson, boss of Premier League big-hitters Manchester United, today sought to distance himself from allegations being made by some of his players that he forced them to play football in their pants after they forgot to bring their kit to training. Star midfielder Dimitar Berbatov claims in his new autobiography Licence to print money: You could slave for a thousand years in that two bit call centre job and you’d
still only earn around a tenth of what I get paid to do my shoes up in the morning, that players were frequently forced to play in their underwear if they were unable to find anything suitable in the lost property bin of the changing rooms. Says Berbatov: “One time I was a little late catching the bus so I never bothered to look in my bag to see if my mam had packed my shorts and shirt, which she hadn’t because they were still in the wash from the night before. I was also carrying my violin for orchestra practice later that day so I suppose I was doubly distracted. When I mentioned to Mr Ferguson that I’d forgotten to bring my kit I thought he’d just shake his head and tell me to go and watch from the sidelines, or perhaps set up the table tennis nets and have a game with Rafael De-Silva, whose Dad had written him a note cos he had a cold. Instead he ordered me to strip down to my vest and y-fronts and carry on as normal – all my mates were pissing themselves innit? I looked a right Herbert.

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