Parliament to vote on Sexual Orientation Traffic Signs

We have Welsh language sign posts in Wales and we also have Welsh Marriage in Wales.

Just don't go there Darling

No Through Road would be ‘Just don’t go there!’

Therefore it stands to reason that since gay marriage is now becoming widely accepted in the UK and indeed the USA, road signs should now follow suit.

A gay think tank have come up with a few initial suggestions for the parliament to consider.

No Through Road: ‘Oh, just don’t go there!’
National Speed limit: ‘For Christ’s sake Julian step on it or we’ll be late!’
Sharp Bends Ahead: ‘I hate these, they make me feel queezy’
Hump Back Bridge: ‘Did I tell you I came going over one of these once?’
No Parking: ‘Oh just put it anywhere I no longer care if we get a ticket’
Men at work: ‘Let the good times role!’

Needless to say, members of other sexual orientations are up in arms about what they call ‘Coital Favouritism’ and are demanding that they too get a look in.

A group calling themselves ‘Necro Pride’ who represent the UK’s growing Necrophiliac population have put forward a few ideas of their own.

Accident Black Spot: ‘Pullover and wait for the sound of screeching brakes’
Try your brakes: ‘Live a little, speed up!’
Tiredness can kill: ‘Turn of your mind relax and float down stream…’

So far the UK Bestial League have only come up with one proposal:

Animals Crossing: ‘Get the net!’

It is unclear whether or not any or all of these proposals will be appearing on Britain’s roadsides in the coming weeks and months but one thing is for sure; it doesn’t matter which sexual orientation the signs are aimed at, there will always be some wanker who doesn’t read any of them!