Petroleum Jolly!

George Osbourne has frozen the price of petrol until 2012 while the price of booze continues to rise steadily and as a result one enterprising drinks company has found a market for its new niche product Gas-pops! Gas-pops are the fun new way to enjoy getting drunk at lower prices. Made from unleaded petrol the pops have a strong and distinctive taste full of character. And boy do they get you drunk! Bypass the whole ‘a little bit merry’ stage and catch an express train direct to ‘Utterly blitzed’. Within a couple of minutes you’ll be seeing double and vomiting whilst trying to shag anything in site. A whole evening’s entertainment in just one bottle, how’s that for value? Gas-pops are available at petrol stations … but remember folks; DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE … YOU CAN ONLY AFFORD TO DO ONE OR THE OTHER!

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