Pie Another Day!

Want to loose weight? … Try Pie Patch! The latest diet innovation. Strap a pie-patch on your arm and you’ll find those pie cravings are taken care of for the whole day. It even comes with a packet of pastry flavoured chewing gum.

“I used to be a forty-a-day man, it was nothing but pies pies pies!” says Hugo Wallop of Stoke. “Thanks to Pie-Patch I’m a changed man. Now I find time for biscuits, chocolate and Ice Cream, my diet has become so varied…”

If you like Pie-Patch, try Prozac-pants, the ultimate antidote
for the January blues. Slip on a pair of these beauties and feel the happiness rise up from your nethers into a crescendo of not giving a stuff about anything at all!

From electrozonk! The people that brought you the Suitcase-Helecopter!

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