Pie Tax

Pie Tax

In an effort to curb binge eating among Britain’s young people, and heavy pie consumption across the UK population the government is to introduce a new Pie Tax. The tax will put a minimum price on pies of £1.00 and add at least fifteen pence to the price of pies and pastries of all kinds.  To hit the hard core pie eaters hardest there will be an additional duty on extra strength pies and pie-pops (aimed at teenagers).  Suggestions that this may be yet another revenue gathering exercise by the Tories have been strongly denied by … erm …. the Tories.

“We’re not making money out of this, we’re trying to stop people getting fat you idiot!” said a rather portly Tory spokesman speaking at the launch of the new Ginsters Pie-plex Megastore in Covent Garden.

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