Poover! Electric Dog Mess Removal for the 21st Century


The Poover

Stand aside Pooper-Scooper!

Enter the Poover!

Yes if you’re out walking your pooch this weekend in Chelsea or Hyde Park you wouldn’t dare be seen without this handy dog mess removal gadget.

Based on a standard dust buster the Poover incorporates stolen and legally patented cyclone technology to safely suck up your dog stools with no hassle and no mess.

The scented bags ensure that poodle poos, dachshund dirties and chihuahua craps are discretely hidden away from site and smell.

Available in a range of attractive colours the Poover is pooving a hit with the London set, especially now that it comes with a built in phone and wireless access.

Apple  are believed to be interested in developing the iPoover and various celebrities are trying to work out how it can be attached to their left nostril for some reason.

Strong competition is expected from the Stoolsuck, Turdygobble and of course the Shiteson (which is yellow).

It is not for sale in Robert Dyas!

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