Pope Benedict: Just another Twitter Casualty?

Pope Benedict: Just another Twitter CasualtyTweet Surrender: Did Pope Benedict Swap the Papacy for Twitter?

The real reason for Pope Benedict’s sudden departure from the position of God’s right hand man has come to light.

It looks like Benedict is just another in a long line of Twitter casualties.

What started out as a few latin tweets to the faithful a few weeks ago has turned into a full time habit.

There are reports that he was seen tweeting during his final mass although this has been strenuously denied by the Vatican.

Retweet offender

Yes, for some people the prospect of a few re-tweets or even a ‘favorite’ is so irresistible that they are prepared to give up their entire lives for it.

Do you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night and going for shit only to discover that you’re hunched on the toilet staring at your Twitter feed?

If so, you’re one of many…if the Pope can give into it, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

For Benedict it seems that the walls of the Vatican were as those of a prison and he felt disconnected from the rest of the world.

An old man, dogged by nazi allegations and the nickname God’s rottweiler (how fucking cool is that nickname by the way?)…he wanted to tell the world how he really felt…140 characters at a time!

Now he will spend his days in quiet contemplation, Tweeting directly through God!

And if you get favorited by the Pope…then you’re fucking sorted mate!