Cue-Ball Stomach-Pump Hell Defeat!

Paramedics were called to a pub in Staffordshire over the Christmas holidays after a freak accident during a pool competition. Local men Rick ‘Potmaster’ Stephens and Crispin ‘Deepan’ Evens were down to the last two balls on the table when Stephens, completing what he thought was the winning shot, applied so much back spin he swallowed the cue ball. “I’ve seen a lot of things in my time, but that is a first” claimed Evens. Medics spent 40 minutes at the Suedebrush and Sturgeon public house on Kirby Street, finally getting the ball back with the aid of a stomach pump and a cue-rest.
“What made matters worse”, Stephens said after the event, “was that seeing as the ball came out of my stomach and rolled onto the floor, Evens claimed a foul shot so he won the game”

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