Pregnant Baseball players must give birth On-field

An emotional Daniel Murphy is led off the field just moments before giving birth.

An emotional Daniel Murphy is led off the field just moments before giving birth.

Take Me Out At The Ballgame!

Last Monday, Major League Baseball player Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets went into labor and gave birth to his first child. Naturally, once Murphy’s water broke, he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital and placed on automatic paternity leave. This led to some critics voicing disagreement with MLB’s policy on players who go into labor during regular season play.

“I could understand a few hours off, to pop the thing out and do some stretching, but anything more than that is unbecoming of a professional athlete,” said former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason. Taking things even farther, New York radio host Mike Francesa suggested that “if Daniel Murphy was a real man he would’ve dropped to his knees right there on the diamond and hatched that thing in the middle of Citi Field!”

Both critics neglected the fact that Murphy plays for the Mets, and as such most fans fully expect the team’s players to do all sorts of things besides winning. Either way, Daniel Murphy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and his wife could not be prouder.

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