Prison Luxury Compared to NHS

Health bosses have apologised after a pensioner in need of respite care following a hip operation was inadvertently sent to a category A prison instead of a hospital. Arthur Boneyard, 81, was mistakenly transferred to HMS Grimscum in Lincolnshire following an administrative mix-up by NHS pen-pushers. Mr Boneyard told The Haddock; “I thought something was amiss when I was given my own room, or cell as I later found it out to be. The next thing I knew the staff were calling me sir and Mr Boneyard and asking me if I’d like to watch Sky TV or have a go on some of the latest Playstation 3 games – actually being polite and treating me like a human being. Some normality returned when a man whom I later discovered to be a prisoner serving fifteen years for armed robbery came in and started pushing me around, swearing at me and spitting on the floor so of course I assumed him to be one of the nurses. However he then gave me a heady cocktail of drugs through a syringe which wasn’t infected with the MRSA virus. At this point I knew a mistake had been made and so I alerted one of the staff who allowed me to simply walk straight out of the place without question.â€

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