Publisher Uses Unwanted Manuscripts to Heat Office!

manuscript or fuel?


One of Britain’s most prestigious literary agents and publishers has found a novel approach to saving money in these dark days of recession, whilst at the same time recycling unwanted material. London firm bogoff & bogoff have installed a heating system in their Fleet Street offices which runs entirely on unwanted manuscripts. Chief Editor Ian Preginable told us.

“I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before, it’s fantastic. Instead of an unwanted nuisance, the sack loads of unsolicited mateiral we recieve every day are now  a source of free fuel. We don’t even open the envelopes, the post box has a chute which takes them straight into the furnace! And the building has been toasty warm all winter, lovely!” he chuckled.

When asked about the potenital loss of a great literary work he dismissed the suggestion saying that any decent author worth their salt would come around and kiss his ass, not put a manuscript in the post.

“That’s how you can tell the good ones,” he smirked. “Anyone prepared to take a publisher out to dinner, followed by a show and full sex is clearly welcome in the literary establishment. The rest are just also-rans!”

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