Raging Phoner!

A call centre worker from Peterborough has landed himself in hot water with his bosses after posting an erotic work of fiction involving himself on the internet. Twenty year old Paragraph Font, who has worked at the Communicomp Contact Centre for seven months, was suspended by his furious superiors after his novella The Erotic Adventures of Paragraph Font wound up on several specialist fiction sites throughout the web. The story, which leaves nothing to the imagination, tells of Font’s frolics with a twenty-five year old blonde named Volupturia Tulip, a nymphomaniac with an enormous sex drive who develops an obsession with Font and frolics with him just about every hour of the day. Last night Font spoke of his outrage at the suspension, saying; “I couldn’t believe it when my manager called me into the office and told me I was being excluded pending an investigation for bringing the company into disrepute. I mean sure, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea but surely what I do in the privacy of my own home then put up on the internet for all to see is my own affair?â€

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