Rebekah Brooks to face Lord Leveson dressed as Boudicca!

Rebekah Brooks the former chief executive of News International will dress as boudicca

Rebekah Brooks, the erstwhile chief executive of News International will be appearing before the Leveson enquiry today dressed as Boudicca, killer of Romans and one time queen of the Iceni (People from Norfolk).

Her fiery red hair and jaded expression are expected to lend themselves rather well to the persona of the British Diva Queen  who incinerated Colchester and London during a fit of pique.

As well as a pair of hammered brass Jimmy Choos, she will be sporting a bronze pushup breastplate from La Senza a rather nice leather skirt from Dolce & Gabana and a tiny tiara made from the spine of a deceased News International journalist.

One hope’s there will be an extra wide parking space outside the building for her environmentally friendly chariot complete bladed wheels.

The chariot will be pulled by four specially commissioned Boris bikes painted to look like angry celtic horses.

The whole exercise has been sponsored by a well known mobile phone company who are rather fond of Miss Brooks due to the number of phonecalls she makes/receives/listens to.

Lord Leveson will not be swayed by this show of bravado and is expected to arrive dressed as the Roman General Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, the man who famously defeated Boudicca at the Battle of Watling Street.

Rather than be captured by the Romans Boudicca took poison … we’ll let’s just see how the day pans out shall we?


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