Return of the Wayward Gentlemen!

The World Famous Wayward Gentlemen’s Cricket Club (WGCC) have announced a triumphant return to the crease this summer at a secret location somewhere in the Scottish Borders. Why secret? Well the WGCC counts among its number some of the greatest beer quaffing, gibberish uttering, military genius, lower-lip wobbling lunatics in Her Majesty’s Empire and they’re not about to let that reputation be sullied by rapscallions and ragamuffins wandering into the fray. Anyone found at this event without the correct pedigree will be subject to a most severe larching under the scrutiny of Wing Commander Briggs and his Infamous ‘Appauled’ stare! Fear not though, The Haddock, being the official newspaper of the WGCC will be on sight to to report upon the whole event with exclusive interviews, pictures and highlights. As always it promises to be a memorable event!