Hurricanes turn Revolving-Doors into Blenders!

revolving door

They turn into Giant Blenders!

These days everyone’s getting a bit scared of natural disasters. Could it be global warming? Could it be the Earth’s magnetic field shifting? Could it be Stephen Hawking’s worm hole space port underneath the Cern LHC? It’s difficult to say, but have no doubt about it, the best way to deal with natural disasters is to live somewhere utterly boring with crap weather, like Norfolk. But the second best thing you can do is Be Prepared. It may not seem that obvious to some people, but preparation is about being thorough and spotting the flaws in any design. It is for this reason that a new campaign setup last month plans to rid the world of revolving doors.

Terminate Utterly Revolving Doors(TURD)  was setup by Benson Smethwick, a fund manager from Winchester who was caught up in Hurricane Andrew in 1992. As the storm hit he ran for the nearest cover which turned out to be the revolving doors at the front of a Miami Bank. If you can imagine what happens to a revolving door when it is hit by a 200mph wind you may get some idea of the ordeal he was put through. In fact the doors spun so fast he believes the centrifugal force pushed him through time where he saw a brief glimpse of the future… a world full of hurricanes and tornadoes … quite simply a world that must not contain revolving doors. Finally he was thrown seventy yards, through a window and into the basement of a sanitarium where the inmates set upon him with improvised weapons and lust.

Having been released from care in 2008 Mr Smethwick re-entered society with a vision, a vision to ensure that nobody could ever suffer as he had.

“You wouldn’t put a food mixer on the front of a building would you? Who would want to walk through a ship’s propeller to get to their office? To me there is no difference.” He said. “To me these doors are just an accident waiting to happen. Lets not wait until the next hurricane, lets just use normal doors!” He then went on to hand out a number of glossy brochures advertising his screen door company Smethwicks Entrances!

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