Room Full of Old People found in Parliament

The House of Lords is full of old people

The ‘House of Lords’ a retirement home for dead historical characters

A building situated close to the House of Commons has been found to contain a number of old men and women believed to have been there for centuries.

Among the individuals questioned at the scene were; King Henry IV, St. Augustine, a man claiming to be a deposed Roman emperor, a Neanderthal hunter and Boudicca’s little sister.

When authorities burst in they found this motley collection of historical oddities discussing the gay marriage bill under the delusion that it was in their power to stop it.

What these people were doing in a government building is unclear.

A spokesperson for the group, who may, or may not have been Sir Isaac Newton, claimed that this place was called the House of Lords and that it was very important.

Opinions differ on this.

Simon Couch, MP for the M25 and other small roads, was a little perplexed.

‘I thought it was a store room,’ he said.

How these people found themselves inside the Palace of Westminster is also unclear.

What is clear is that they need to be kept locked in the house for centuries to come and led to believe that they serve some purpose as they pose a significant threat to society should they get out.

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