Rooting out the Truth

Dear Sir,
I write from the Kitale Club in Western Kenya where myself and the Vice Chairman of the club take serious issue with your story on Boabab trees in the country extending their roots to America.  We would suggest that this possibility is highly unlikely.  

We wish to bring to your attention that a strict Government of Kenya directive is in place regarding the length and girth of Baobab tree roots and these are thereby limited to a maximum length of 7m and girth of 400mm.  As Provincial Forest Officer, the Vice Chairman assures me that his officers adhere strictly to the directive and in fact, for the past week, seventeen of his staff have been engaged in felling a Baobab tree with 7.3m roots growing in the middle of the main road from Kitale to Nairobi. 

In addition we have studied the photograph of the Baobab on your website and can state categorically that, despite living in the country for 64 and 57 years respectively, we have never seen that tree!  Could it be that the offending tree is actually a TANZANIAN BAOBAB?!  This would seem likely as we are all aware that the Tanzanian Forest Department are significantly more lenient in their monitoring and mitigation when it comes to tree root dimensions.  We know this from our bitter experience during the recent cross-border tree root disputes, which I appreciate may not have made national news in the West. Thankfully the issue has now been settled to both parties satisfaction at the Baobab Root Assessment World Leaders Symposiums (BRAWLS) in Kampala on November 1st and 3rd where the Tanzanian delegation agreed to the payment of 40,000 barrels of Zebra oil as compensation.

 I trust you will better verify the accuracy of you reporting in future.

 Yours Sincerely, 

Col. Barnaby Marstard

Chairman, Kitale Club, Western Province, Kenya

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