Russians Fired Box of Cats into Space During Cold War

Cat-Satellite: The Catellite Sput-kit 1

The Catellite Sput-kit 1

worlds first Russian spy satellite consisted of  five cats which were put into a tin box and fired into space charged with gathering intelligence about the United States.

The Catellite called ‘Sput-kit’ orbited the Earth for more than a month before contact was lost with the animals who relayed what they saw in return for fishy treats and strokes from a rubber robot hand.

Working on the plan that cats can see in the dark it was hoped that the Sput-kit would have an advantage over radar based satellites because the animals would be able to see more clearly. They were told to look out for troop movements, missiles and anything shiny with a stars and stripes painted on it.

We now know of course that this mission was hopelessly ill concieved as the cats could see no more than you or I could and it has been proved that the animals know little of military intelligence techniques or flags.

However, they were able to teach spies how to clean themselves using only their tongue when stuck behind enemy lines without a flannel.

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