Rutland has been Stolen!

 Holy Shit! Rutland…Where has it gone?

Rutland is Missing

Police have launched a major investigation today after the countyof Rutland was stolen by thieves sometime in the early hours of the morning. Members of the public from neighbouring Leicestershire first noticed the pint sized unitary authority had gone AWOL when they were unable to commute to work in Peterborough, instead finding a great big bottomless hole full of mist and cloud. Police Superintendent Gobswell Copperson told The Haddock; There isnt a great deal in Rutland and its a pretty small and piddling sort of place that many people might not see as being particularly significant so the thieves may have imagined they were a committing a victimless crime. However I can assure them that the theft of any part of her majestys geographical kingdom will be taken very seriously by our officers and we will be assigning a very experienced Police Constable to investigate.

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