Ryanair to Remove Toilets from their Planes

Ryan Air Toliet

Budget airline (serving random places around the globe under the guise that the are in fact somewhere near the intended destination) have gone a step to far today by announcing that their planes will no longer have toilets.

Apparently they take up too much space and extra seats will be put in their place.

A spokesman for the company suggested that  so long as passengers ‘go before getting on’ it shouldn’t cause a problem.

In addition to this measure and hot on the heels of its ‘take-off tax’, ‘suitcase surcharge’ and ‘landing strip levy’, Ryanair is now set to introduce a ‘flying somewhere on a plane’ supplementary charge for its weary and financially challenged passengers.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary defended the additional costs. He said ‘The Spanish government are introducing harsh measures for air carriers, to make up for their mishandling of the economy. Also, the cost of foreign holidays these days is escalating substantially’.

When questioned further, he admitted that the latter comment referred to his personal excursions to his own private island in the Bahamas and not the cost of package holidays toSpain.

His brother, X Factor host, Dermot O’Leary, also commented on the situation He said ‘This year Simon Cowell has had to deal with stiff competition from The Voice and his own Britain’s Got Talent. Sorry, what are we talking about again?’


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